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Pop It! is a great sensory toy that keeps kids engaged and little hands busy--because the bubbles are so much fun to pop, big or small ones can't help but play with them too. Pop it right back by popping the last of your opponent’s bubbles for victory in this durable game where skill matters more than size!

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High Quality & Soft Touch


Pop it Fidget Toy is made of soft-touch and high quality materials, with elastic silicone. The material is non-toxic, so it will not harm your child.

Stress Relief


Pop it Fidget helps reduce your child's stress level and brings the whole family in a fun game playing together! 

Trains hand motility


Fidget Pop it helps improve and regulate the child's hand motility, as well as the need for mobility and sense of touch.
It increases child's ability to remain calm, focused and attentive.

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Our Story

About our Pop it Store

Our pop it store tried to find good and safe pop it fidget toys for kids. But unfortunately, it turned out to be quite difficult to get a convenient, affordable, and most importantly high-quality push pop fidget toy. We are not desperate. We have turned our frustration into an impulse to create. Thanks to our commitment to change, a wonderful thing has happened. We opened PopItBubbleToy.com. Currently, it's very easy to find high-quality and convenient kid-friendly sensory tools. Just visit our store.

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